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"You can’t control THE world,

but you can control YOUR world

and create a powerful influence around you"

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Let's Look at the facts!

Many of us have paid a big price to get the “things” we have, all in the name of success. 

We twisted, bent, sacrificed, buried, pushed, pulled all to establish ourselves as men and as winners of life.

The world is shifting and it seems to be leaving us and our importance behind

The old rules of manly hood… 

  • Be Tough
  • Don’t show emotion
  • Your only value is your bank account
  • Win the trophies to be accepted

Are no longer serving us... in fact it is taking us away from our most powerful selves

Let’s See if This Sounds Familiar:

  • It All Seems EmptyYou find all the sacrifice doesn't feel worth it, you wonder if this is all life has to offer

  • Stuck in Reaction Mode: You find yourself easily "triggered" by things especially with family and don't feel appreciated

  • Sense of Distance: Constantly feels a disconnection  or space from family, spouse, and those you care about

  • Lacking Real Purpose: No passion, no excitement, you are just going through the motions just trying to keep what you have

  • Destructive Habits: Unhealthy foods, avoiding exercise, not taking care of your body, mind, and spirit You find all the sacrifice doesn't feel worth it, you wonder if this is all life has to offer

At the end of the day sometimes it feels like “what’s the point” but you continue because you figure everyone else seems happy, and feels I should be happy, so I need to just suck it up and be happy…

But what if most of the other men were feeling the same thing?

Time to Take Control of Your World

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My Mission and Purpose is Simple...
The Bigger Question is Are You Ready?
  • Walk in Power: Live as your authentic self, without shame, need for validation or regret just authority and peace​

  • Less Stress More Clarity:  With clarity you find solutions no matter the obstacle, minimize time and energy being wasted...Live on purpose

  • Better Relationships: Communicate and connect on a deeper level with your loved ones 

  • Better Habits: Build the habits that help you become and stay the best version of yourself in mind, body, and spirit

  • Increase Influence: Communicate, and build trust more effectively in your personal and professional life, become a powerful leader

"My life was so unorganized and falling apart until I met Naphtali Anderson. He helped me prioritize different areas of my life from family to marriage to business, both practical and spiritual. I can tell you that his support and teaching has changed my life. It was vital for me to become the man that I am capable of becoming, to strengthen my ability to go out into the world and make a difference."

Conrad R. - Professor

"Naphtali is an invaluable wealth of knowledge and support. I can directly point to more than a dozen unique scenarios where he knew where I would end up and how before I was finished even telling him what the problem was. He listens with an emblazoned passion to help for no other reason than to see you succeed."

Scott M. - Director of Operations

"Realistically, he has been the biggest influence on me personally and in my career... out of anyone I have ever met. I can't think of a better way to get better at anything you want to get better at than with Naphtali's help."

Brendan D. - Integration Specialist

"He empowers me to make decisions and become a true professional and learn what leadership really means. He is one of the greatest, nicest most genuine people I have ever met. He has helped me grow personally and professionally. He enabled me to believe in myself to be greater."

James M. - Engineer

"One thing I can say about Tali is that he is authentic and has a great heart. He wants to help people and he practices what he preaches. He is a person that invest in himself to always try to get better."

Nick C. - Consultant


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